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Dance Group
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About Ignite Kids Club

Homework Club

Our Homework Club provides a quiet space for students to focus on their studies and get help with their homework. Our experienced staff is available to answer questions and provide guidance and support. Students also have access to a range of resources to help them complete their assignments.

Sample Schedule

3:45pm- 4:00pm- students arrive and settle in

4:00pm- 4:15pm- Snack /Scripture/Prayer

4:15pm-4:30pm- Circle Time

4:30pm- 5:00pm- Homework help

5:00pm-6:30pm- Activities/ Parent Pick-up


We believe that learning should be fun and engaging. Our program is one of a kind in the types of programs we offer. Our knowledgeable, professional staff provides a safe and enriching environment for children to explore and grow. Here are a few examples of what we offer:

  • ​Daily prayer and scripture reading

  • Soccer, Basketball, Ping Pong

  • Piano or Guitar Lessons

  • Social skills group

  • Dance and Music recitals

  • Guest speakers in the S.T.E.A.M. industries (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math)

  • Step team

  • Coding classes and much more....


Your local Elementary school


Ignite Kids Club afternoon program begins at school dismissal and we remain open until 6:30pm.


Ignite Kids Club follow the public school systems' calendars. We are available for scheduled early release and professional days.  

Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather or other unforeseen emergencies, Ignite Kids Club will be closed.  Parents will be notified via text message and email that is listed on the emergency form.


The tuition is a flat rate of $689 per month due on the 1st day of the month.

Limited Time Discount Rate $550

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About the Visionaries


Ignite Kids Club is a vision of married couple Louis and Shannon Jones. Their unique afterschool program is designed to empower and teach students through scripture, prayer, music lessons, dance, sports, and team building activities.


As a school counselor, Shannon noticed how safe nurturing environments contributed positively to a student's well-being. In addition, Louis found that his music students were academically successful in school due to learning an instrument.

With their expertise and skillset, they aspire to create a thriving environment that stimulates growth and progress for children. 

Louis Jones

BS, Business Administration

Shannon Jones

LCPC, MS: Counseling

Ignite Kids Club Goals 


Build confidence in children by encouraging them to try new things, praising their efforts, and providing constructive feedback.

Build Strong Character

Develop strong character by teaching children about honesty, respect, kindness, and responsibility. A positive environment can be created by reducing negativity, providing emotional support, and leading by example.

Growth Mindset

Instill a growth mindset in children can help them learn from failures and mistakes and develop resilience.

All of these things can help children become confident, well-rounded individuals who are equipped to face challenges and overcome obstacles.



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