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     Hi! My name is Shannon Jones. I am a school counselor working in Montgomery County Public School system and I am a dance instructor. I LOVE music and LOVE dancing! I have been dancing since I was a little girl. My daddy would play his records and the music would make me “move.” As a child, I studied ballet, tap, and contemporary dance. I love ballet, hip hop, and jazz but my favorite style of dance is liturgical.


     I have had the opportunity to choreograph children dance routines for a variety of performances including the following: after school dance clubs, school plays, Black History month celebrations, anniversaries, talent shows, and community workshops. I am currently the dance instructor for Spirit of Faith youth dancers. I enjoy working with children and find that dance is a great way for kids to express themselves, learn a new skill, and just have fun! I encourage my students with the 3 C’s principle: challenge yourselves, be confident and be courageous! Now let’s get moving!

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