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"What you were able to accomplish with so many children in such a short time was remarkable. They actually learned the routines and I like that boys as well as girls could benefit from what was learned. We have been breaking out in dance at the store when we hear the songs learned at camp! It's hilarious..."


"My daughter Soumya loved the dance camp It was fun ! She learned basics of Jazz, Hip hop, and house music. She wants to attend the dance camp again!"


"This first week of summer was nothing like last year’s. I started off each day of the week by going to Mrs. Jones’ Summer Dance Camp, and it was nothing like I had expected it to be. Each day of the week was one of those days where I rush to go to sleep so the next day can come a bit faster. At the dance camp, we played, danced, and did many activities. It was an amazing experience! We learned how to dance to liturgical, hip-hop, jazz, and many other types of music. Aside from dancing and playing, we were able to meet new friends and have fun while doing it. At the end of this week, we are going to perform in front of all of our parents! Going to this camp has taught me and some of the other kids to be courageous. This was by far, the best camp I have ever been to."

                                  -Nathanael, camper

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